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Preview 8/20/13: Shakespeare, Hip-Hop, & Why Radio Sucks

Tell us how you really feel about radio, AT. I’ve been procrastinating on this particular series of mine, 16 Bars 3 Acts, because I know you may not like Hip Hop. So I’m going to let you in on a little something – you’ve been underserved by radio.

I really don’t like it. The only radio I listen to now is NPR, and I even start to get tired of that every now and then. I hate radio because it waters down every genre of music out there. Rock becomes contemporary, Jazz becomes R&B Lite, R&B becomes Hip-Hop Lite, and Hip-Hop gets hijacked by the masses of idiots. I kind of get it though. Quality work is quality because it’s rare, and popularity/sales has nothing to do with it. Mozart didn’t receive credit for his work until after his death, at least according to Amadeus.

With that being said, the radio is just serving its function, feeding bread to the masses, regardless of its nutritional value. Unfortunately Hip-Hop is the biggest victim of this system. Since the mid to late nineties the radio has been serving us less than bread; they’ve been serving us soylent green. It’s not your fault that you’re not a fan of the genre. You don’t need to be, but if I’m going to start my series (16 Bars 3 Acts) on Tuesday, I need you to be open to it. I’ll be exploring a modern Jekyll & Hyde in rapper T.I.’s TI vs TIP.

Look past the profanity and the questionable subject matter. If you can tolerate it in Movies and television, you can tolerate it here. If you can handle Mark Twain, you can handle T.I. Look past what the radio’s been shoveling into your ears. Here’s a bit of help.

P.S. I know I was supposed to tell you about the video game that made me cry, but this is taking a lot more time to put together than I thought. I promise I’ll have it up as soon as possible.