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It’s almost time to shoot the Schmidt!

A little bit bout myself. I watch a lot of television. I mean a lot of television! And with an optimum combination of Hulu, appointment viewing, Netflix and DVR I’m able to watch it without compromising any social or professional time. Fall is on it’s way and I can’t wait to see some of my favorite characters again: Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, Community‘s Troy and Abed, and my favorite, New Girl‘s Schmidt.

Take note: I didn’t mention any protagonists or main characters among this list of favorites. Not Jessica Day (New Girl), not Richard Castle (Castle), and definitely not that winey Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother). On Tuesday we’ll be talking about the former three, not the later three, and how things may be changing for the show stealing supporting role.

Until then, enjoy this montage of one of my favorite supporting characters of all time.