Crown Town Scribe

Crown Town Scribe will be an exploration of storytelling in it’s various forms, from the staples we know and love to the more unorthodox sources we may not expect. Stories are everywhere: in books, sports, music, science and everyday life (ie My everyday life). This all will be filtered through the lens of me, A.T. Augustine, an aspiring writer currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some of my articles will have a local focus on them, but if I’m telling these stories properly, those of you tuning in from elsewhere will have no problem getting acclimated.

A.T. Augustine

A.T. Augustine is a pen name, and I must confess I haven’t decided what the A.T. stands for, so maybe you guys can help me figure that out one day. In addition to writing, I dance (particularly Latin), act on stage and in film, and wait tables. For the sake of following the trend you must be catching on to, I’ve been known to sing a song here or there, but I don’t bring home the bread with that talent. My tastes are wild and varied, but there’s one common denominator among them all. I see a story being told.


All of my posts will more or less be about the appreciation of storytelling in some form or another, but I’ll be doing my best writing and research in my Feature Posts on Tuesday’s. They’ll be nice and chunky, like good soup. I’ll post a teaser a few days before, but I’ll also squeeze in a few other posts between Features as the muse demands. Whether it’s a Tuesday Feature or in between, most of my posts will fit in one of the following categories.


Analysis – It’s very pretentious of me to call anything I’m doing analysis, but I can’t think of another word for it. I want to find and shed light on the storytelling elements of activities, pass times, and media all over society, so I guess the word matches the intention. Let’s just hope I do it justice.

Journal – I’ll be telling stories about my life. Some of them poignant, most of them light hearted.

Kudos – Lending credit where it’s due.

Op-Ed – Honestly, most of these posts are going to feature my opinion, but my op-ed are going to be centered on it. If the post is categorized under this, I’m definitely happy to hear your opinion. ‘Tis a free internet.

Regurgitated Contents – I’ll ingest quality blogs all over the internet and upchuck them here… ew!

Writer’s Platform – Most of my writer friends have the jump on me when it comes to this, using a blog to accumulate a fanbase, express their opinions about the writing industry, and chronicle their progress as they create content. Well none of my stuff has been published yet, so for now posts in this category will be far outnumbered by posts in other categories.


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that my posts tend to be a bit meaty. If they’re too much for me to put into one post, I’ll split them into series.

16 Bars 3 Acts – Maybe I should have named it 3 Acts 16 Bars, but hindsight’s a bitch. In this series I’ll be analyzing modern albums, and those rare instances in which they are intentionally organized to tell a complex, compelling story like Queen’s Night At The Opera and T.I.’s T.I. vs T.I.P. This is going to be a long series, seeing as I already have seven albums in mind.

The Ensemble Masterpiece of Superbowl XLVII – You don’t have to be a fan of American Football, or even a fan of sports to appreciate the ensemble masterpiece that culminated on  February 3, 2013 at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. You just have to be a fan of good stories. The greatest authors of our time couldn’t have made this up. This wasn’t intended to be a series, but as I wrote the first part I realized this was going to take many words to do justice, thus many posts.

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