Preview: Lessons learned at San Diego Comic Con 2013

For those or you who came here by way of Freshly Pressed, I need you to keep an open mind when it comes to this blog’s premise. The exploration of storytelling in all its forms. Not just the forms you like, not just the forms I like. I’m making such a disclaimer because of my next confession. I’m a nerd. Before I was a dancer, writer or actor, I was a nerd. If you’re not one I will allow His Majesty Wil Wheaton, King of the Nerds, explain to you what it means to be one.

The following was recorded by a new mother, who asked our king to leave a message behind for her newborn daughter on why it’s awesome to be a nerd.

Beautiful, right? I’m not crying. I’m just leaking liquid pride. I want to have a kid just so I can play that back for him/her. Although this particular speech happened at the Calgary Comic Expo a few months prior to the Comic Con I attended, it was the subject of much conversation. This speech became the theme of the only experience at Comic Con worth telling all of you. Not that the celebrities, previews and cosplayers weren’t awesome. It’s just that this story, one I haven’t told anyone yet, had such a profound effect on me that it rendered all else moot.

I’ll have that story for you on Tuesday.


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