Eric Whitacre conducts a virtual choir of nearly 6,000

I’ve been a fan of Eric Whitacre for ten years. He is America’s Mozart! Don’t believe me? Get a good pair of headphones on and listen to this! Just in case you didn’t notice, this is his FOURTH Virtual Choir, where he basically crowd sources one of his pieces on YouTube. It’s amazing to listen to, and I’m waiting for Hollywood to get sick of Hans Zimmer and tap this guy.

TED Blog

There are thousands of faces in the skyscraper windows in this anime-inspired 3D music video. Each face is a webcam capture of a singer — 5,905 of them to be exact, from 101 countries across the globe. Their voices have been blended together into a virtual choir by composer Eric Whitacre for his latest composition, “Fly to Paradise.“

[ted_talkteaser id=1110]In 2010, Whitacre merged 185 singers from 12 countries singing via webcam, so that they sounded like they were performing together in one room. At TED2011, he unveiled a new work with a remote choir of 2,000 — and, at TED2013, he conducted a live and virtual choir, singing together in real time. The video above is his latest experiment in musical collaboration, and as Whitacre writes us: “We have taken the style in a bit of a different direction this time, experimenting and stretching our wings.” Fun fact: The…

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